2nd Discussion post


All students are expected to contribute meaningful discussion related to the discussion topic of cultural diversity.  The term “cultural diversity” can also refer to having different cultures respect each other’s differences. Please answer and discuss the following questions.

  • What is culturally sensitive nursing care?
  • How do you assess culture in nursing?
  • How can nurses improve/nurture diversity?

On-line etiquette and respect is expected! Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The student must document the use of sources per APA 7th edition guidelines. See Discussion Rubric under DQ content tab for grading requirements. I have also attached a link with the Rubric directly in the discussion question. 

1 Initial post due: 11/3/23 9:00pm 

  • Initial post 300 word minimum; 2 scholarly reference minimum within 5 yrs

2 Peer responses due: 11/17/23 9:00pm

  • 2 Peer responses 100 word minimum; 1 scholarly reference minimum within 5 years