The Code of Ethics for Nurses With Interpretative Statements was developed to guide nurses in ethical decision making and analysis.  

Nurses are expected to adhere to and embrace the standards of these provisions which include our values, morals, and ideals of the nursing profession (ANA, 2015).

This Code of Ethics outlines the very essence of what it means to be a nurse.

This module will introduce you to the nine provisions outlined in the Code of Ethics for Nurses. 



American Nurses Association (2015).  Code of ethics for nurses with interpretative statements.  Retrieved 8/20/23  from

Step 1:  Begin by reading the material in the following three links:


2. Click Code of Ethics 2015 Part 1.pdf for part I of an article discussing the Code of Ethics. I ATTACHED THIS BELOW

3. Click The New Code of Ethics for Nurses Practical Clinical Application Part II.pdf for part II of an article discussing the Code of Ethics. I ATTACHED THIS BELOW

Step Two:  The paper

  1. You will have one written assignment for this module using APA format student paper writing.


  1. Include a title page.
  2. Include an introduction.
    1. An abstract is not       required. 
  3. Use each provision as a      Level 1 heading
    1. Each provision should have at least 2 well constructed paragraphs.
    2. A paragraph is comprised of at least 3 well constructed sentences.
    3. You may use first person and discuss what the provision means to you (or perhaps a personal experience relating to the provision).
  4. The body of the paper should be at least 8 pages and not exceed 9-10 pages
    1. This excludes the title page and the reference page.
    2. Include a summary or conclusion at the end of your paper.
  5. This assignment will be submitted to TurnitIn and be less than 26% similarity score.
  6. Spelling and grammar are important.
    1. Use the editor feature in Word to correct most issues. 
  7. This paper must be in APA format.