A 40 year old female presents with complaint of a headache for one week. Reports a “head cold” 3 weeks ago.  Thought it was getting better, but sinus symptoms are back and even worse.

Describes the headache is located across her forehead; feels like pressure behind my eyes and unable to breathe out of nose. Also feels mucus running down the back of throat.  Pain sometimes severe (8/10) but with acetaminophen reduces to moderate (4/10) and occasionally mild (2/10).  Occasional nonproductive cough.  Feels feverish at times; noted frequent sneezing and no appetite. Bending over seems to make the headache worse.  “Acetaminophen improves my headache, but doesn’t take it away.” Taking Sudafed HCL 120 mg every 12 hours, with some relief. Symptoms are worse in the morning – awakes with a headache. Ranges from 2/10 at its best to 8/10. Difficulty with concentrating at job and feels very tired.