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Research paper 1

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COT / Research Assignment # 1


The student will share their PICOT question and further explore and explain its key components, as well as examine its feasibility as a hypothetical project.

General directions

1. You will submit one (1) paper as part of this assignment; inclusive of:

2. PICOT (written/narrative)

3. Your scholarly paper must follow APA format. Include a cover page and headings per 6th edition APA guidelines.

PICOT (written/narrative):

4. The PICOT (written/narrative) component of the assignment should be no more than 4-7 pages (not including the title or references pages).

5. Include the following components in the PICOT part of your scholarly paper:

6. Title Page

7. Introduction

8. Problem Statement

9. PICOT Question explanation of each component

10. Population of Interest

11. Intervention of Interest

12. Comparison of Interest

13. Outcome of Interest

14. Timeframe

15. Conclusion

16. References Page

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