assist week 6

Week 6 – Assignment: Model Leadership in Quality Improvement

This week, you will prepare an executive brief for your Board of Trustees as the Chief Executive Officer of a healthcare organization. Your Executive Brief will demonstrate your leadership in initiating a quality improvement plan. Your Brief will contain a scorecard featuring the four key areas of organizational performance into which you have assigned the six Quality Aims into one of the four key areas. Your scorecard is available for download in your Weekly Resources.

In your written Executive Brief, be sure to address the following:

 Provide an overview of the value of using scorecards in assessing organizational performance. Be sure to cite your references.

 Insert your completed scorecard that contains the six (6) quality aims.

 Indicate how you propose to measure future performance for each of the 6 quality aims.
Hint: Timeliness can be measured by wait times in service departments (i.e., emergency, radiography).

 Explain why these six (6) quality aims are important measures for your quality improvement initiative. Be sure to cite your references.

 Close your Executive Brief document with your next steps following the Board's approval.

Be creative with this assignment and enjoy its real-world applicability. While it is not a requirement for this assignment, you may wish to embellish your Executive Brief by using a Business Report template in the MS Word templates. Click
File at the top of your Word document, then click
More Templates. Click
Business under Suggested Templates and select the Business Report template.

Length: A minimum of 2-3 pages, not including the title page or reference page