Concept Analysis Outline

Sample Outline for Concept Analysis Paper

See chapter 3 in McEwen and Wills. Use the method by Walker and Avant Box 3-1 ( p 60

I. Title Page: Select one of the following topics

Advanced Practice Competency: A Concept Analysis

Diversity in Nursing: A Concept Analysis

Social Determinants of Health: A Concept Analysis

Format Outline(s)

II. Introduction (
Using Walker and Avant)

a. What is the concept selected-state and define the terms

b. Aims or purposes of this analysis-why are you doing the analysis?

c. Discuss all possible uses of the concept briefly-how is the concept used in different contexts, examples and then how are you using it for this paper

d. Determine the defining attributes-regardless of where it exists, what are the common identifiers that the person has this characteristic

e. Identify a model case-Use the attributes you’ve identified and highlight them in a case. A case that is hypothetical, from a text, or that you have experienced in practice.

f. Identify a borderline case and contrary case-what is a case that is something like the model case, but misses some attributes

g. Identify antecedents and consequences-what happens before the concept instance is identified; what happens as a result of acquiring it?

h. Define empirical referents- how do you know that what you are seeing is really it? How would you measure it? Or know that you are reserving it?