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You are a Training Specialist hired by Universal Medical Supplies, Inc. This organization has been experiencing low productivity and errors in communication in the workplace. As part of an ongoing professional development series, the Vice President of the Human Resources department has tasked you with creating Critical Thinking training materials. The materials will be presented in many forms and by various means to help improve productivity and communication in the organization.

For a company training webinar, you will create an infographic using text and images that illustrate the concepts associated with cogent reasoning skills.


Use the Rasmussen library or other credible online resources to research one or more online articles about the topic of cogent reasoning and valid vs. invalid arguments.

Create an infographic that includes the following elements:

· Images and text that illustrate valid arguments.

· Images and text that illustrate invalid arguments.

· Images and text that illustrate cogent reasoning.

· An example of using evidence in defending an argument.

· An example of using evidence in refuting an argument.

· Include a space for references for the images and ideas used in the infographic.

your own words when adding text to the infographic, and create
your own charts and diagrams. Do not copy/paste text, charts, diagrams, etc. directly into your infographic. Submit your infographic in a Word or PDF document.

Using the Online Library

Finding credible and reliable online resources

What is an infographic, and how do I create one?

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the
Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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