cultural diversity discussion 1


Select one of the discussion prompts below and respond to it with an initial post by Day #4 of the unit week. Your initial post needs to thoroughly address all parts of the selected prompt and be supported by at least one scholarly source. Then, respond to at least two threads on two additional days to drive the weekly discussions. All posts must demonstrate critical thinking and effective written communication including proper spelling, grammar, professional language, and APA formatting of references and in-text citations. All posts must also be submitted no later than the last day of the unit week.

Discussion Prompts

Prompt #1

How do you define “cultural diversity”? Do you think the way you define cultural diversity is the same or different than how others might define it? What elements contribute to a person’s “cultural identity”? What if everyone in the world had the same cultural identity? Do you think this would be a place you’d want to live? Why are discussions about cultural identity important?

(USLOs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3)

Prompt #2

Share with us some of your personal and cultural identities. Please share 6 aspects of yourself with the group. Here are some identity categories, for example:

  • Cultural Heritage(s)
  • Nationality(-ies)
  • Family
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Religion/Religious influences
  • Sexual Identity
  • Disability Status
  • Language Community(-ies)
  • Character trait(s)

Do any of these identities relate to one another, if so, how? What would a person who read about your identity be able to reveal about you? What would a person who read about your identity not be able to tell about you? Do any of your cultural identity groups practice allyship? If they do not practice allyship, how might they engage in activities to be more inclusive and equitable?