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You are a Training Specialist hired by Universal Medical Supplies, Inc. This organization has been experiencing low productivity and errors in communication in the workplace. As part of an ongoing professional development series, the Vice President of the Human Resources department has tasked you with creating Critical Thinking training materials. The materials will be presented in many forms and by various means to help improve productivity and communication in the organization.

For a short training presentation during a regional meeting, you have been asked to create a 3- to 5-minute video presentation illustrating the differences between deductive and inductive argument.


Use PowerPoint and a video recording program such as Screencast-O-Matic to create a training video that is 3-5 minutes in length and includes the following elements:

· Bullet points with brief text that outlines deductive reasoning.

· Bullet points with brief text that outlines inductive reasoning.

· Clip art or images to accompany your text. You may use characters, cartoons, drawing tools, or other technologies to be creative.

· Narration related to the bullet points to explain:

· The principles underlying both deductive and inductive reasoning.

· Clear examples of both deductive and inductive reasoning in a workplace setting.

· References to your sources at the end of the video.

Your PowerPoint

Slide 1) Title slide 

Slides 2-3) Deductive reasoning. You’ll want to provide an example or two. Talk about the value of deduction and why it’s useful. 

Slides 4-5) Inductive reasoning. Again, provide an example or two. Discuss the value of induction and how it is used. 

Slide 6) References. Yes, they count.

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