In this written assignment, identify one specific contemporary issue or trend that you are

interested in learning more about. Choose from the categories below.

• Global Healthcare and Nursing

• Healthcare Reform

• U.S. Healthcare Financing

• Nursing's Role in the U.S. Healthcare System

• Integrative Healthcare

• Nursing Leadership and Management

• Nursing Education

• Nursing Practice

• Nursing Professionalism

• Advancing Nursing as a Profession

• Client Access to Care

• Delivering Client Care

• Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration

• Ethical Practices in Healthcare

• Quality and Safety in Healthcare Delivery

• Health/Nursing Informatics

In a PowerPoint® presentation (no more than five slides not including the title and reference

slides), include the following information:

• Describe the issue you chose.

• Discuss two significant facts about the issue.

• Support the facts identified with at least one credible source.

• Include the credible source(s) with your PowerPoint®.

I would prefer advancing nursing has a profession