Discussion # 1


Theoretical Models of Nursing Leadership

You  are the nurse manager on a busy medical-surgical unit. You have been  requested to attend a hospital administration meeting with your Chief  Nursing Officer (CNO) and the hospital Chief Financial Officer. The CNO  explains that nurse−patient staffing ratios on every unit are being  increased, and your ratios must also increase by 1-2 patients on both  the day and night shift. The CNO assures you this is a temporary issue  due to the seasonal high census, and this decision is not open for  debate. You are shocked and don’t know how to respond initially.

Question #1

Using the Theory of Emotional Intelligence: Page 56

a) Describe how you will demonstrate self-management and social competence to regulate your emotions in this scenario?

b) Discuss how you will respond to your CNO by using this leadership theory.

Question #2

a)  Determine how you will present the new nurse−patient staffing ratios to  your nursing staff by using the Theory of Quantum Leadership.


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