1. After studying the lesson “Nursing Leadership” in Chapter 21 of the textbook (eBook), open a discussion forum by answering the following questions:
  2. What is leadership?
  3. What is a leader?
  4. How does a nurse demonstrate leadership characteristics? Explain.
  5. Do you think Florence Nightingale was a leader in the nursing profession? Why?          Explain.
  6. Describe the following types of leadership: autocratic, democratic, and Laissez-Faire. Give an example of each one within the nursing field.
  7. This topic will be part of class discussion this week (Module 7).
  8. In addition to the eBook, you are required to use at least two more primary references.
  9. Remember APA style when use references “in-text” citation and in the References at the final of your publication.
  10. Submission Instructions:
  • Submit your discussion post by 5:59 PM Eastern on Thursday, October 5th, 2023. 
  • Your initial post should include at least 2 academic sources, formatted and cited in APA.
  • Respond to your classmates’ discussion posts by 11:59 PM Eastern on Saturday, October 7th, 2023. Ask a question, and provide a different viewpoint.