Discussion 250 words. Make sure you provide 2 references and utilize APA style.. . Discussion Rubric



1.What are the benefits and the challenges of offering group psychotherapy services within both inpatient and outpatient clinical environments?

2.Discuss key components of group process that occur during all phases of group development, giving examples of patient-focused activity that occurs during each phase.

3.Describe how various theoretical orientations could be used when leading short-term group psychotherapy. What patient populations or clinical presentations would be best served by each theoretical framework.

4.Discuss the benefits and challenges of using one or two group therapists during a psychotherapeutic intervention.

5.Discuss the importance of identifying ground rules, especially in relation to confidentiality for group psychotherapy services.

6.Describe how group psychotherapy differs from individual psychotherapy and describe the types of patients who might be better served by group psychotherapy.

7.Identify a specific group you would like to lead in your practice and discuss the purpose, your target population, how you would screen and recruit participants, establishing a fee schedule, the time frame (open or closed), number of participants, theoretical orientation for the group, selection of a co-therapist or why you do not want a co-therapist, marketing and advertising, and length of each session.

To reflect, write one or two paragraphs with a minimum of 150 words, scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced. A minimum of two references are required (other than your text). Refer to the Grading Rubric for Online Discussion in the Course Resource section. (For this week, a peer response is not required).