To prepare:

  • Identify the practice problem (psychiatric related) as the focus of your Discussion post. 
  • Search the Walden university Library for 4-5 scholarly articles that address your critical question.
  • View the learning resource below for synthesizing the evidence. Share the component of the evidence synthesis process that resonated with you. Explain how that component is reflected in your synthesis of the evidence (articles you selected to support your practice problem and critical question).
  • Analyze the articles to identify evidence that would guide quality improvement.
  • Return to the stakeholders that were the audience for your “exploring ebp quality improvement assingment”. Identify the specific quality improvement component in the evidence. Then consider how you would present it to that set of stakeholders to secure agreement and action.

The assingment:
Post a brief explanation of your critical question. Then, synthesize the 4-5 articles you identified that address your critical question. Using the same language you would use with stakeholders, explain the critical question and the value of addressing it as a quality improvement initiative. Be specific. Cite the scholarly articles and other resources to support your post.
(please provide at least 4 references)
learning resources:

  • Dang, D., Dearholt, S. L., Bissett, K., Ascenzi, J., & Walen, M. (Eds.). (2021). Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice: Model and guidelines (4th ed.). Sigma Theta Tau International.  
    • Chapter 4, “The Practice Question” (pp. 73–98)