Healthcare statistics dp 2

 Your new staff was very interested to learn about the many online federal and state health care databases and the different types of statistical information available in each database. Like other health care organizations, Choice Hospital wants to maintain its financial stability and improve the quality of patient care. The new CEO of Choice Hospital would like to gain a better understanding of utilization rates and other measures of performance that can be used to track and demonstrate quality improvement. As the HCA, you and your team are asked to conduct preliminary research in the following areas:

  • Identify databases for statistical information on the utilization rates and other measures of quality performance (e.g., average length of stay [ALOS], patient wait times, and death rates) and select a healthcare statistic. 
  • Define your chosen healthcare statistic and explain how it was calculated. 
  • Explain to your staff the purpose of research questions and how the data obtained from research questions are used for informed decision-making.
  • Describe hypothesis testing and how it is used in research.
  • Formulate a hypothesis related to your chosen healthcare statistic.