Informatics in healthcare


IM3001A Module 3 Pre-Assessment (PDF)

Module Pre-Assessments are your opportunity to practice applying module content before final submission of your Competency Assessment. For your final Competency Assessment, you will address scenarios related to the importance of nursing informatics in healthcare.

For your Module 3 Pre-Assessment, respond to the following prompts. These prompts match those in your final Assessment. Be sure to support your responses with evidence from scholarly literature.



A patient approaches you after her consultation with her physician. Her physician had reviewed her electronic health record with her during the consultation. The patient realized that some of the information in her EHR was incorrect. The patient asks you to make changes to this information. Is this possible? Why or why not? Write a 1-page response that includes the following:

  • Describe what you would tell the patient in this scenario regarding making changes to her electronic health record (EHR).
  • Explain your reasons for responding to the patient in the way you describe.
  • Be sure to reference any legal requirements related to EHRs.