Interview #2

Conduct an interview with either a client or a previous healthcare consumer (this may be a neighbor, a volunteer, or a total stranger). Please be mindful of HIPPA and provide for confidentiality. Do not identify the interviewee.
• What are the client’s origins? Where were they born? Do they speak another language? (10 Points)
• How do they access the healthcare system? What resources are used? (10 Points)
• Do they have a primary care physician/nurse practitioner? (10 Points)
• Identify any healthcare disparities associated with the client. (10 Points)
• Did their socioeconomic status influence their level of or quality of healthcare? (10 Points)
• Have they ever experienced any issues during their care while at a healthcare facility? (10 Points)
• What specific needs would they like to have addressed when visiting a healthcare practitioner/facility? (10 Points)
• Do they require assistance with community resources to improve their level of care? (5 Points)

o If yes, provide a teaching moment and document this in your interview.
o If no, provide a listing of resources for future use if needed. Refer to the following link for Monroe County: to an external site.