For this assignment you will be asked to apply course concepts and learn to develop one Literature Review Table that includes 2 articles.

Please use the Literature Review Template provided within the course content and the evidence rating scale adapted from Melnyk found in course content. There is a video explaining how to complete the table in your course content.

Will I be adding this assignment to the final paper? Yes! The completed Literature Review Table from this week will be used again in the Appendix of your research paper (future assignment).

Will I need to create new literature review tables again for the final paper? No-this is the only assignment you’ll use the table format for. You will summarize 5 additional research articles in the Findings section of your Research Review, so please save those for the future.

Key Information for this assignment:

· You should not copy information from the research you obtain. All information from the research should be paraphrased in your own words (less than 6 words in one sentence should match). Plagiarism checkers should result in less than 10% for the literature review tables.

· All Searches for your Research Review must be completed through the Minnesota State University, Mankato library. Online searches will not be accepted with the exception of Google Scholar. Supply a pdf of your 2 full text articles in the drobox with your literature review table. Do not send links.

· A Data Search Table must be submitted with the Literature Review Assignment and is worth 5 points. Please provide a screen shot of one of your key term searches within the library databases.


Possible Points

Points Earned


Article title, author, and date is listed in APA format and is current (not older than 5 years)


List the reference as a citation in the text would be cited. Include the reference in the reference section of the paper.

Purpose of article is clear and paraphrased from the article


Why was the research conducted? What was the goal /discovery that researcher was trying to achieve

Sample size of study article used is stated and numeric values are given (when applicable)


N=total number


Study Design is clearly stated, and level of evidence is provided correctly (Evidence Rating Pyramid adapted from Melnyk in course content)

Strongest, stronger, strong, moderate, weak, weakest


Include design Quantitative, qualitative design, meta-analysis: retrospective chart review, surveys, etc.

Where does this fall Evidence pyramid Melnyk?

Variables/measurement included briefly; reliability of measurement data is included


Statistical test used for quantitative; qualitative may use pain score, survey, depression rating scale etc.

Results/findings are clear and statistical significance is included (for example p value)


Findings should have an associated statistical value if quantitative, if qualitative may have results of response to treatment 26 had pain relieved vs 13 did not….

Implications of research for nursing practice and how they apply to or support your research topic

Should include limitations


Did this article support your PICO? Did it lead you to search in a different direction? Does it demonstrate that there is not enough research to support a practice change

Correct APA format, free of spelling and grammatical errors


Follow APA for listing authors Page 286 7th ed.

Includes Data Search Table completed with search terms and screen shot of one search from table