key populations and ethical considerations

Week 3 Key Populations and Ethical Considerations

· Points 50

 This week, compose the key population and ethical considerations portion of your research. In this section, address the following: 

1. Describe the key populations in your study, both the participants and the researchers. 

2. Describe any ethical considerations in relation to recruitment of the participants and your plans to address them. 

3. Explain any ethical concerns related to data collection/intervention activities (these can include participants refusing participation or early withdrawal from the study and response to any predicable adverse events) and your plan to address them.

4. Describe the treatment of data, who has access to the research data and the protection of confidential material. 

5. Explain any conflicts of interest that may arise if your study were to be implemented. 

This section of your research should be 3–4 pages in length, written in APA format with cited references. 

Review the rubric for grading criteria.

Points Possible: 50

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