NUR 445 – Week 3 Discussion: Researching and Recommending Evidence-Based Research Resources

tep 1 Read the case scenario.
You are part of an interprofessional team working on an evidence-based project to look at falls in patients with dementia in the long-term care setting. The team was brought together in response to a noted increase in the incidence of falls in residents with dementia over the past three months. One of the recent changes before the increase in falls was a mandate to no longer use physical restraints on residents. Several staff members feel that the use of restraints is a must, and they do not have time to use the restraint alternatives that have been suggested. They also feel they do not have enough time to continuously check on residents. This has caused major issues of concern and has compromised the quality and safety of the residents.

When the team meets together, one of the first items discussed is the clinical question. The team uses the PICO question format to develop the following question:

In patients with a diagnosis of dementia in the long-term care setting (P), how does the use of a comprehensive falls assessment prevention plan that includes restraint alternatives (I) compare with the use of a fall prevention protocol that includes the use of restraints (C) affect the number of falls that occur (O)?

Step 2 Post to the discussion forum.
In your initial response, address the following questions:

  1. Determine the best resources to use when conducting a search on the topic. Consider these questions: What databases would be most appropriate? Where would you locate clinical practice guidelines that could be used in the EBP process for this issue?
  2. Conduct a search using the resources you identified in Step 2a. What key search terms did you use? What filters did you use?
  3. From your search, identify at least three articles that you would consider using in an EBP project such as the one described in the case scenario. If possible, suggest resources that meet the highest level (Level I) of evidence. Why would these sources be most appropriate in determining best practices and supporting clinical decision-making for this issue?