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Discussion 3:

1. Describe one health care policy related to health care access and tell how it relates. How does the policy address health equities and disparities?

2. Explain which segment(s) of the Public Health Nursing Wheel relates to the effects of economics/health care access and health care policy you just described. That is, tell which outer segment(s) and which segment(s): Systems-focused, Community-focused, Individual-focused, Population-Based/Case Finding, or Population-Based. (Your response may be one or more segment(s).)

The Public Health Intervention Wheel is found at The Minnesota Department of Health at

3. Visit Healthy People 2030 Priorities at List the three priority areas for Healthy People 2030. Read about social determinants on the same Healthy People 2030 website. Describe two social determinants of health that directly relate to the three priority areas for Healthy People 2030.

Include at least two citations and references in your initial discussion posting (WHO website is okay to use for this discussion). Use APA format. Respond to a minimum of two other classmates regarding their post. Your responses to peers should be substantial. Substantial postings are more than just saying “I agree.” Substantial postings add to the point made, provide more information, ask a probing question, or share an experience. End your initial posting with a question to your classmates that furthers discussion on the topic. Also, see the discussion grading rubric. Please write or paste your posting in the discussion box instead of attaching it in a document. Thanks!

Synthesis and Application #3 initial posting due on 10/5/23 by 11:59 pm and two replies to peers due by 10/8/23 by 11:59 pm