Week 3 Module 3: Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Community Assessment

Module Overview

During week three, you will study risk reduction in population health and community assessment. You will complete course activities related to the process of completing a community assessment. A community assessment helps the nurse to:

· Identify the needs of a community,

· Clarify and prioritize problems, and

· Know what community strengths and resources are available to help solve those problems • Promote entry-level competencies in practicing public health nursing at the systems and community levels of nursing practice

Overall Topics

· Health Promotion

· Risk Reduction

· Community Assessment

Module Learning Objectives

By the end of this week, students will:

· Analyze the importance of risk reduction in population health.

· Examine the process and purpose of a community assessment.

· Identify the key components in a community assessment.

· During this course, complete and document a community assessment.

Learning Assignments

1. Read Nies and McEwen, Chapters 4 & 6 (including Table 6.2 – Community Assessment Parameters

2. Refer to Nies & McEwen PowerPoints in module

3. Read article: Caring in the Margins

4. Read 1939 Public Health article

5. Depending on your chosen community, you may do a walking or windshield survey that you will use as part of your data in your community assessment. There is a video example of a Windshield Survey. This is valuable data to include in your Community Assessment! Please note: Do not drive while completing the survey–have another driver when doing the windshield survey or you may also do it on foot, if able.

6. Review: Mustang Library NURS 400 Data Guide:


. The data guide is set up for NURS 400 at the Mustang Library. It has a menu at the top that includes databases for many of the items you need for your Community Assessment assignment! It also provides a nice overview of data resources available for assessing a community. Please take advantage of this excellent resource for your community assessment assignment.

7. Review: Community Assessment Windshield Survey:

8. View: Sample video of a Windshield Survey:

9. See course module for all activities

Items Due

1. Synthesis and Application #2 initial posting due on 9/11/23 at 11:59 pm and
two replies to peers due on 9/17/23 by 11:59 pm (discussion is not self-graded) – Caring in the Margins

Discussion Topic

Task: Reply to this topic

Please read the article – Caring in the Margins by Enestvedt et al. (2018). The article discusses essential skills in transcultural nursing around issues of equity and social justice. Consider 'aha' takeaways while/after you read the article. The synthesis and application post focuses on getting you to think a bit deeper on this topic, specific to your own profession and public health nursing. There are three questions for you to answer:

1. Consider your own profession. What do you see as opportunities for adopting pieces of what you read in this article within your current professions and/in public health nursing?

2. Consider your own profession. Are there pieces of what you read in this article that you are struggling with and/or feel are not a fit regarding your profession and/or in public health nursing?

3. What is something you want to know more about, as it relates to this article?