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HUM 1050 – Introduction to Literature

Assignment #2: Two Mediums – Evaluative Essay – Initial Submission

For this assignment, students will write an evaluative essay comparing two media. You'll use the short story “The bear came over the mountain” (Munro, 2013) and the film 
Away from Her (Egoyan et al., 2006). You will begin working on this assignment with reading, viewing, drafting.

For this essay, the short story is the source material. You are going to evaluate how well the film stands up to the short story. First, you must establish the criteria. What makes the short story successful?  You want to think about this very carefully as you read and make notes. Notice elements of plot, structure, character, and point of view. You'll write about these in the first section of your paper. 

This essay should:

· have specific criteria, using the short story as source material

· use that criterion to make judgments about the film

· support the judgment with evidence from the text and film

· be 1000 words long

· have an explicit thesis statement, with the main idea (the topic of the paper) and a controlling idea (what you, as the author, is saying about the topic)

· In this case, we're making a judgment, and that should be included in the thesis.  Remember — this judgment is not about the film or text is good or bad. It's about whether or not the film lives up to the criteria established in the short story. 

· include an integrated, direct quote from the text/film to support the thesis in each of the body paragraphs

· be written using APA formatting

· use APA guidelines for citation, both in-text and on a References page

· avoid using 1st- or 2nd-person references (focus on objective 3rd-person references instead)

· be submitted as a MS Word .docx file


References and Citations:

Citation: (Munro, 2013).

Add paragraph numbers with direct quotes (Munro, 2013, para. 4).

All citations should be: (Egoyan et al., 2006).

Add timestamp number with direct quotes.


Egoyan, A. Hirst, V., Iron, D. Mankoff, D. Urdl, S. Weiss, J. (Producers), & Polley, S. (Director). (2006). 
Away from her. [Motion

picture]. Canada: Foundry Film.

Munro, A. (2013, Oct 21).
 The bear came over the mountain
. The New Yorker.



This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThesis statement (20) Main idea; controlling idea; compelling CSLO 4

20 pts

Highly Proficient

Precise, succinct thesis statement with obvious main idea and controlling idea; original and compelling.

Body paragraphs (20) Unified; coherent; related to thesis; topic sentences; supporting sentences CSLO 6

20 pts

Highly Proficient

All body paragraphs are unified and coherent; each body paragraph contains one distinct point; each body paragraph has a topic sentence that is directly related to the thesis; supporting sentences all relate to the topic sentence.

Grammar, Spelling, and Mechanics (10) CSLO 6

10 pts

Highly Proficient

Minimal grammar, spelling, or mechanical errors (at most 2).

Length and Originality (10) CSLO 5

10 pts

Highly Proficient

Paper meets required word count. AND/OR Less than 10% direct quotes.

Style (20) Introductory and concluding paragraphs; sentence structure; transitional phrases; word choice; tone CSLO 6

20 pts

Highly Proficient

Introductory and concluding paragraphs are compelling and creative; sentence structure is widely varied (simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences), exceptional use of transitional phrases, academic/elevated/creative word choice; appropriate tone; no slang or informal language.

Formatting (20) APA formatting guidelines CSLO 6

20 pts

Highly Proficient

No errors in formatting.