Nursing Research



The background and significance (B&S) paper is a five (5) page paper in APA format (excluding title page, abstract, references and appendices) that could form the introductory section of your clinical scholarly project. 

The B&S will introduce a clinical problem and the clinical context that led you to identify the clinical question. You will review the relevant background literature and theory related to the problem. You will discuss the relevance of this review to a local clinical setting at the unit, organizational, metropolitan, state, national, and international levels as applicable. 

You will discuss the potential benefits and challenges of addressing the clinical question in the local setting, and explore the larger contextual impact related to this problem. 

Please note, this paper will discuss the introductory background literature and theoretical basis related to a clinical problem. 

Clinical Topic Assigned: The Prevalence of Depression and Suicide Ideation Among Adolescents.