Nursing Research

Arranging Matrix table


· Week 8 Matrix of Significant Studies

The Matrix is a personal critical appraisal of key studies contributing to the body of evidence related to your clinical topic and proposed project. This matrix represents your synthesis of articles you find most relevant to your proposed evidence-based project.  This matrix is not only a class assignment but should be a tool you use throughout your journey towards the completion of your project. As your accumulation of evidence grows, so should your matrix so you are able to locate valuable information easily! 

For this assignment, you will appraise 10 articles related to your project, sharing all pertinent data you can in the matrix form. Please view the sample matrix as a visual guide as to what information should be gathered. Remember, this is evidence for change and should be relevant, reflect useful data, and be current.


Clinical Topic ” The Prevalence of Depression among adolescents in the American Society”

In the attachment below, there example matrix table and blank matrix table, the blank one is for the work and the example is for you to see what is expected to be done. 

Secondly, you will use 10 articles from the assigned clinical project or are related to the clinical project.

Thirdly, the clinical project is uploaded you may use some of the References.