Peer response

Peer Response Instructions

· Please respond to at least 
one peer this week. Your response should be thoughtful, respectful, and substantially add value to the discussion. In your response to a peer, explain how you have grown as a BSN nurse in this session.

Kiersten Echols

Oct 23, 2023 at 1:00 AM

  For this discussion board, I chose to appraise the role and responsibilities of the nurse and members of an interdisciplinary team across multiple healthcare settings in recognition, assessment, and interventions for the management of acute and chronic diseases. The role of the nurse is vital to patient care of acute and chronic diseases in many different ways. The nurse's role in all patient care is to educate the patient, advocate for adequate and ethical care, and be a middleman between the patient and the rest of the patient's care team. The nurses are the ones at the bedside assessing the patient and getting to know them. They then take this vital information to the other members of the care team like case management, specialists, or surgeons to provide adequate and holistic care. Without this information from the bedside, the patient wouldn't be able to be taken care of. The other members are vital to the patient's care by providing specific services that the nurse cannot like surgical intervention or certain medication. This class has shown me through each week's case study how important the interdisciplinary team is to the patient's holistic care of acute and chronic conditions. Going further in my practice I will make it a point to advocate for consulting the appropriate teams for adequate and quality care.