Kimberly Moken

Option 1:

Contemporary presidential campaigns are using social media as a campaign tool by posting on media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook. Social media could be a successful tool to use for a presidential campaign because you can reach more people and you can reach people who do not follow politics. “Social media and its highly visible environment provides presidential candidates the ideal platform to promote themselves, articulate their policy goals, and interact with voters – directly and without the filter of the mainstream media.” (Hwang, 2016) It’s also a way for them to get their message out there without spending a significant amount of money. Messages are posted on a feed or recorded and posted to their social media account for voters to go back and read or watch the videos at a time that is convenient for them. “Some have argued that Donald Trump’s success in the 2016 Republican primaries and caucuses was, in part, a product of his ability to take advantage of media outlets’ insatiable desire to attract viewers, listeners, and readers.” (Greenberg, 2018, p.143) Before social media, voters had to catch it live on television or read about it in the newspaper. Social media has made it easier for Americans to access information about the political candidates.


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