Power Point


Create a Power Point


This assignment will focus on developing a health policy analysis presentation that includes a problem statement, background, landscape, options, and recommendations from the week’s readings. The health policy analysis presentation is based on an identified healthcare issue in one’s local community. 

As Family Nurse Practitioner:

1. Research healthcare issues that have been identified in your local community. Develop a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes. You will then use the PowerPoint during your Kaltura recording. Structure a health policy analysis presentation that addresses the following topics particular to your health problem:

· Problem Statement 

· Background 

· Landscape 

· Options 

· Recommendations 

Please provide FootNotes

2. Next, record your Kaltura presentation showing your PowerPoint and yourself speaking. Upload your Kaltura presentation into the week 4 assignment. How to use Kaltura resources are in Home/Resources/Technology Resources.

3. Posting your recording:

· Go to the week four assignment tab and hit Submit Assignment

· Use the Text Entry Tab. You will have the option of selecting the Kaltura icon.

· It will take you to your My Media Gallery and upload it from there.