RAC part 2, 15 questions


Your assigned article for critique is

Avsar, P., Budri, A., Patton, D., Walsh, S., & Moore, Z. (2022).  Developing algorithm based on activity and mobility for pressure ulcer  risk among older adult residents: Implications for evidence‐based  practice. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 19, 112–120. https://doi.org/10.1111/wvn.12545

This is article


  If you haven’t already, print the RAC  #2 questions and the article.  Open your book to chapter 9, 10, or 11  and place it on your left, put the RAC 2 questions in the middle of your  desk, and put the article on your right. 

  • You’ll need your book for the questions that specifically refer to Grove and Gray 2019 in the question stem and  to look up key words in the question stem that you don’t remember from  your reading, like sampling method, power analysis, and acceptance rate.
  • The content for the article-specific RAC questions this week will be  found in the Methods, Results, and Discussion sections of the article.
  • This is a book Understanding nursing research  Grove, S., & Gray, J. (2019). Understanding nursing research (7th ed). Elsevier.