This week, we talked about the Resilience Portfolio Model and profiles of strengths and resilience. We also took a look at the Resilience Portfolio Interview, which can be found here:

There are two tasks for this assignment: One is to reflect on yourself, and the other is to discuss counseling practice applications of assessing resilience. How you do that could be quite variable, however!

(1) For this reflection, ask yourself some of the questions from this interview and share a little about some of your personal resilience factors. Of course, only share what you are comfortable sharing with me. You DO NOT need to answer all of the questions. You could spend the whole paper answering one question in depth (with a story, as they say), or you could answer multiple questions at a more vague level if you prefer. 🙂

(2) If you have experience assessing strengths with clients, talk a little about this experience—was it effective/helpful? Were there any challenges? If you have not assessed strengths with clients, is this something you would consider doing in the future? How might it be incorporated into your work with trauma/PTSD?

Grading Criteria

I'm really not looking to take off points for the reflection assignments. I don't have specific rubrics for them, but if you do not seem to be engaging with the prompt or answering the questions, I may take off points. Each reflection assignment is worth
5 points.