After reading these three theories I believe the best theory is a ¨virtue Ethics¨ This theory focuses more on being and not doing what I mean by this?  Well, I believe our decisions come from our beliefs and personality think about it a person who cares for others, is honest and compassionate is more likely to help someone than a person who only thinks about themselves and how they can benefit from an action. Aristotle’s said that the right thing to do is what a virtuous person would do and I agree with him. Let’s start by defining what a virtuous person is. A virtuous person is honest, kind, respectful, brave, and wise. I believe that if people develop this trait the world will become a better place to live this is because if we were all to act as virtuous people society would become a better place to live where instead of judging others we would help them to be a virtuoso person.

Do you think we live under the rules of this theory now?

I believe we do live under this theory not because we follow it but because if we were to follow the theory society would become a better place. As a right, some people are virtuous but others are not for example when there is a natural disaster majority of the people only think to themselves about how they are going to prepare or evacuate and sometimes people even get more than what they need because they are not thinking in the rest if we were all virtuous people we would just get what we need and would try to help our community to get prepare or evacuate.

why it would be beneficial as ‘the’ ethical theory for all of us to follow. 

Well as I said before I believe that if we follow this theory the world will become a safer and healthier place to live, I believe if we all were virtuous people we would pick moral decisions that benefit the world and society