To prepare:

  • Review the Learning Resources, with particular attention to the Walden University Library resources to support your literature search.
  • Evaluate your process as you access the resource materials and your literature search gets underway. Keep in mind the importance of selecting current literature, i.e., published in the previous 5 years. Consider what is working for you in identifying search topics related to your critical question and in finding relevant current articles, and what questions you have for colleagues and your Instructor.
  • Also draw on your past Discussion experiences in identifying scholarly articles related to your critical question and comments from colleagues to act on as you begin your literature search. Be proactive in stating your questions and needs and clarifying your search process, to maximize the value of this Discussion 

Post a summary of your experience in beginning your literature search and assess your initial progress. Explain what is working for you in terms of a plan or search strategy for finding relevant, current literature, including Walden Library support resources you would recommend. Explain issues of concern and specific questions regarding the search process. References and citations are not required.

learning resources:

Dang, D., Dearholt, S. L., Bissett, K., Ascenzi, J., & Walen, M. (Eds.). (2021). Johns Hopkins nursing evidence-based practice: Model and guidelines (4th ed.). Sigma Theta Tau International.  Chapter 5, “Searching for Evidence” (pp. 99–128)