• Review the readings in the White, Dudley-Brown, and Terhaar text. With your current health care organization (psychiatric behavioral hospital), or an organization you are targeting for your DNP Project, in mind, consider the area(s) of greatest challenge with regard to translating and applying evidence for a practice change initiative, e.g., leadership, technology, collaboration, stakeholder buy-in. Focus on the relevant text chapter(s) in your Discussion preparation.
  • Consider theories and best practice recommendations for addressing your identified challenges and barriers to translating and applying evidence that would support practice change initiatives.
  • Reflect on the philosophy of nursing practice that you developed. Consider your role as a DNP in creating an organizational culture that embraces evidence-based practice and quality improvement. 

With these thoughts in mind …

Post an explanation of the challenges and barriers to translating and applying evidence for practice change in your target health care organization (Behavioral health hospital). Briefly explain your issue(s) of concern and describe specific approaches for addressing these challenges. Explain how you view your role as a DNP in creating a health care culture that promotes translation of evidence for quality improvement and explain why. Then, recommend actions and activities you could model and lead, including through an EBP QI project, to advocate for quality improvement and social change in nursing. Be specific and provide examples and at least 3 references.

  • White, K. M., Dudley-Brown, S., & Terhaar, M. F. (Eds.). (2019). Translation of evidence into nursing and healthcare (3rd ed.). Springer.
    • Chapter 15, “Interprofessional Collaboration and Teamwork for Translation” (pp. 299–314)
    • Chapter 16, “Creating a Culture That Promotes Translation” (pp. 315–334)
    • Chapter 17, “Best Practices in Translation: Challenges and Barriers in Translation” (pp. 337–346)