Conc of Pathophys for Nsg

Week 1 Discussion: Cellular regulation/inflammation/infection alterations  (USLOs 1, 2, 3)

Discussion Overview: Throughout this course, discussions and assignments will focus on various members of the fictional Collins-Kim family. To learn more about the family, go to the interactive family tree diagram and then click on the medical cards for each family member to learn important background information on each member. For this week’s discussion, you will focus on the factors that influence pathology and cellular regulation/inflammation/infection alterations.

Discussion Instructions:


1. Review the Collins-Kim family background and then thoroughly explain how culture, financial, environmental, and genetic factors can influence this family’s exposure, risk factors, and development of certain disease processes. 
Support all four with scholarly sources.

2. Select 
TWO specific family members and answer the following prompts for each family member selected:

· Explain the lifespan considerations for each of the 2 selected family members. 
Support with a scholarly source.

· Explain what cellular regulation/inflammation/infection alterations can you anticipate for each of the 2 selected family members based on what you know about the family. 
Support with a scholarly source.