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Health Disparities Assignment

Population health is shaped by the social and economic conditions in which we are born, live, and work. Statistics indicate that many of us are one paycheck away from a financial crisis, especially since past recessions and the current state of inflation. In this module, you will explore the impact of poverty on health. In your professional roles and perhaps your own personal lives, you have all been exposed to the issues to some extent. The intent of this module will be to explore in more detail the prevalence of poverty, its impact on health, and barriers to attaining healthy outcomes. 


Use the following resources to complete this assignment:

  • Read Nies & McEwen (2019) Chapters 21-23; 25; 28
  • Format your paper using 7th ed. APA formatting (i.e., Title page, headings, Reference page, etc.)


  1. Students will submit answers to the following questions using 3 headings, General Poverty, Food Security, and Homelessness into the appropriate NURS 410 assignment dropbox, using 7th ed. APA formatting.


    1. General Poverty (4 points)  

    1. Play Spent Activity:  

    The Urban Ministries of Durham have a great online poverty simulation that goes through a month in the life of a person living in poverty. To access the simulation, go to this website:  Summarize your experience with this simulation activity  

    • Did you have money left over?  

    • What difficult decisions did you need to make?  

    • What was your overall feeling when the month was over?  

    • Have you experienced similar financial challenges in your life?  

    • What safety nets were there to support you during this time?  


    1. Go to Poverty USA website at   

    Poverty Tour USA –Read the various information sections – What surprises you?  

    1. Interactive Poverty Map   

    1. Compare the state you live in with at least one other state.  

    1. Poverty Facts   

    1.  What is the definition of poverty and who lives in poverty?  

    1. Snapshots of Poverty   

    1.  Review at least one of the “Stories of Hope”– What are possible health implications?  


    1. Food Security (3 points)  

    Click on
    United States Food Drug Administration– Household Food Security  

    • USDA  

    • How is food insecurity defined?  

    • Which populations are most at risk for food insecurity?   

    • What programs are available to improve food access? Consider Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)  


    1. Homelessness (3 points)  

    1. Who are the Homeless and why are they homeless?   

    Go to the website of the National Coalition for the Homeless.  

    • Click on Issues – Read about 2 topics that interest you.  

    • Click on Populations – read about one population.  

    • Click on Public Policy Recommendation – read about one policy recommendation  


    1. Describe the face of “homeless”  

    1. What are the numbers?  

    1. Who is homeless?  

    1. Why are they homeless?  

    1. How are health and homelessness related?  

    1. Identify and describe one policy project to reduce/end homelessness.  


    1. Go to Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness:   

    1. What is purpose of this organization?