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 This soft drink brand is recognized worldwide. The drink has one of the most recognized corporate logos and is sold in over 200 countries through 250 bottlers throughout the world.

This company’s story began in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1886, when pharmacist John Pemberton was experimenting with a recipe that he later mixed with carbonated water and began to sell at his drugstore. Two years after its invention, Pemberton sold his secret formula to a businessman by the name of Asa Candler, who formed a corporation to bottle and distribute the trendy drink. He later sold the rights to two other businessmen who wanted to bottle the drink to enhance distribution. Candler sold syrup that his company produced to these distributors, but not his secret formula. They simply mixed the syrup with carbonated water and bottled it. From there, the product became a household name as more people began to take the drink home to enjoy.

Competitors soon emerged. To ensure that people could tell the original from the competition, the distributors created the trademarked contour bottle in 1916 so that customers would recognize the original product. Candler ultimately sold his company in 1919 to a group of investors, with Robert Woodruff as the president. The new group wanted to make the drink available anytime and anyplace. To accomplish this, the new company started adding bottling plants all over the world.

The six Ps of the company vision statement highlight its purpose and desired future objectives—people, portfolio, partners, planet, profit, and productivity.

To assist in accomplishing its vision, the company established a foundation in 1984. This entity focuses on helping and giving back to communities worldwide. Some of the issues supported in various countries include water stewardship (providing safe, clean drinking water), lifestyle and behavioral change programs (e.g., nutrition, exercise, and behavior modification), recycling, and education.

Assignment Details

Answer the following questions 

  1. What is your opinion of this company? Explain.
  2. Based on what you know or what you read on the Internet or in other sources, do you believe that the company is customer-focused? Why or why not?
  3. How does the company’s community involvement potentially affect its image in the eyes of customers or potential customers?