Research Critique on Impact of Nursing diversity

write a critique of a research article. (example will be provided) 

research article will be provided in pdf format. 

  research topic is “The Impact of Nursing Diversity in Patient Care on the Medical-Surgical Floor”

Please review previous work done and follow the rubric carefully and write each answer in different paragraphs with titles; 


1.      Is the research study relevant to the study of nursing, (be specific   and include examples from the article)? 

2.  Is the method/design appropriate in terms of the research question/hypothesis? What was the research question/hypothesis? Was it clearly stated? Refer back to Polit & Beck (2021) (The Method Section). Key elements are discussed, and identification of items should be included. Provide a description of each of these key elements.  

3.   What is the theoretical context? See chapter 7 in Polit & Beck. The terms theoretical and conceptual frameworks are used interchangeably. Theories are used to describe, predict, explain, and to control phenomena.   (Theoria is a Greek Word that means beholding or speculation). 

“Theoretical frameworks provide the organization for the study. It guides the researcher in the interpretations of the results. the importance of the theory is dependent on the degree of research based evidence and level of its theory development. There are four levels of theory development 1) factor isolating (describe phenomena) 2) Factor relating (explain phenomena), 3) Situation relating (predict 

the relationships between/among phenomena), 4) Situation producing (control phenomena and relationships

**If your article does not have a theoretical framework what do you suggest based on Polit & Beck Chapter 7?  

4.  Describe the results of the study (identify if they are believable or not)  

5.  Are the results significant? In what way-explain use examples?  

6.   Are the results transferable? How? Transferability refers to the readers of the research to make connections but invites readers of research to make connections between elements of a study and their own experience. Transferability does not involve broad claims. How does this research apply to YOUR specific practice as a Registered Nurse?  

According to Brown (2005), Transferability can be enhanced by providing what is often referred to as thick description (i.e., giving enough detail so the readers can decide for themselves if the results

are transferable to their own contexts).   

7.  Implications for nursing practice, be specific how would this study impact nursing practice (use specific examples from the article)?  

8.  Implications for future research, be specific and use examples from the article.  

9.  The paper shall reflect a scholarly effort; proper grammar, coherence, spelling, and accurately use APA format. Have someone proof read your paper. Read your paper out loud to yourself.  

Also check all the attachments.