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NUR640 Week 3 Assignment 3.1 Page 1


Assignment Title: Sampling Methods

Step 3 for your Evidence-Based Practice Mini-Project (Research Proposal)

Assignment Overview:

For your Research Proposal Step 3, you will submit your target population listed and a clearly stated and though description of your study population with scholarly sources. There is a sampling plan that identifies the sampling method. There is a clear and thorough description of the sample. There is a precise procedure detailing how participants will be selected. There is a thorough description of the research setting, and a detailed description of the recruitment plan. There is a clear and thorough description of all ethical considerations related to your mini-research project.


The final copy of your Step 3 Research Proposal assignment is on or before Sunday at 11:59pm just before Week 4 begins at the latest. Be sure to use the file naming protocol: NUR640_EBP Step 3_last name_mmddyyyy.

Assignment Details:

For this assignment, you will write part of Step 3 of your Research Proposal. Use the discernment gained from your Human Subjects Certificate Discussion Board regarding ethical considerations for your own EBP Proposal.

Sampling Plan: Describe your sampling plan that identifies the sampling method you will utilize. Describe your sample in detail.

Research Setting: Describe your research setting. For example, is your setting where you work?

Recruitment Plan: Describe your recruitment plan in detail.

Ethical Considerations: Describe whether your EBP Proposal could go through an expedited IRB approval. Why or why not?

Note: In your Step 3 state what instrument you will be using for your EBP proposal.

Grading: Each part of your EBI proposal has a grading rubric. All submissions should have a title page and reference page. Each Step of the EBP Proposal will then be added together in Week 5 assignment which will be graded again based on a new rubric that includes your best revision based on weekly instructor detailed feedback. Points will be lost if suggestions are not incorporated into the final Week 5 Submission of your EBP Proposal. (See Week 5 Assignment rubric).