Respond by making recommendations for how they might strengthen the leadership behaviors profiled in their StrengthsFinder assessment, or by commenting on lessons to be learned from the results that can be applied to personal leadership philosophies and behaviors.

2 scholarly references

According to Clifton Strengths results, the top 5 Signature Theme report presents.

Consistency –I are keenly aware of the need to treat people the same, no matter what.

Achiever –Achiever describes a constant need for achievement. By the end of the day, I must achieve something tangible in order to feel good about myself.

Significance- I want to be very significant in the eyes of other people. I want to be heard and be part or be useful. You want to stand out.

Restorative – I love to solve problems. I enjoy the challenge of analyzing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong,

Woo- stands for winning others over. I enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and getting them to like me.

                                                                                   Core values

     The two core values I would like to improve on or strengthen are accountability and healthy competition. I am responsible for my own action, so I must make the right decision or do what is right. To me healthy competition is helping my family and friends, colleagues strive to the best and professional outcome.


   Also, I would like to improve my strength on good communication skills and to learn and acquire more knowledge and skills to help me become a professional Nurse. It will help me to build a better relationship with other people.


    Based on Clifton strength result, the two essential quality I would like to improve is emotional intelligence by helping people to think and act. Emotional intelligent is the ability to build relationships with others and understand their feelings or emotions.  Encouraging myself and others will also help to reach goals. 


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