Nutritional Principles in Nursing


Angela Antonczak

10/17/23, 11:38 PM

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Diet and weight control play a crucial role in health to stop risks for chronic diseases like diabetes. When you maintain a healthy diet full of essential nutrients and vitamins by eating an adequate amount of healthy foods the risk of any development of chronic diseases reduce. (The center of diseases (2018). The cardiovascular system is a major contributor for your body and eating more fruits and vegetables can help with maintaining a healthy heart. Exercise is very important for the body to maintain a healthy body weight status. Based on EBP, when you maintain a healthy lifestyle and get your essential daily intake in control the risks of becoming obese is very low. Developing a healthy lifestyle with good nutritional values helps the body with development over time as everybody ages. A lot of Americans and culture driven like the Hispanic people are becoming obese by following a high calorie, high processed foods, and a high sugar intake diet. People who drink pop, eat deli meats, cookies, and cakes are becoming overweight and developing diabetes and have hypertension. This is so important that we start to understand the importance of exercise, eating a balanced healthy meal containing vitamins and nutrients that break down fats from high sugars or processed foods. If we have a understanding about how we can make healthy lifestyle choices by eating right and maintaining a healthy weight status then we can lower any risk favors due to obesity and/or other chronic diseases.