Post a disucssion post on the topic of evidence-based practice in the health care organization where you practice (psychiatric hospital). Drawing on your understanding of EBP and your firsthand observations within your organization, include the following content in your blog:

  • Briefly describe one specific example of evidence-based practice that produced/is producing significant patient outcomes. Or, if you are lacking examples, describe a recent patient experience that might have been improved through application of evidence-based practice. Explain your reasoning. Note: To maintain confidentiality, do not refer to individuals by name or with identifying details.
  • Evaluate the overall application of evidence-based practice within your health care organization, including conditions that support it or roadblocks to overcome. Explain your reasoning, including how you have arrived at your conclusions.
  • Describe how you can advocate for application of evidence-based practice within your health care organization.
  • please provide at least 3 references